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Welcome in the Hotel "Gasthof - Weissensee"

Your destination for the best times of the year

From the moment you arrive you can switch off, feel at home, and enjoy your holiday to its fullest, with the family Koch and staff always on hand with a warm smile and a friendly ear. Within our centuries-old walls, you’ll find a modern, stylish interior with a cosy simplicity that reflects our guiding principles of openness and straightforwardness.  Here you can enjoy our hospitality, attentive of your needs, and our down to earth regional cuisine.

In the summer you can take a swim before breakfast and experience the special morning atmosphere of the lake, your senses gradually awakening, the cool water on your skin energising you with each stroke as you glide through the morning mist. Afterwards, you’ll sit at an elegantly laid table with hot tea or coffee, enjoying each mouthful of a breakfast of local produce from the buffet. Then you might set off to explore the wild untouched nature, with all its possibilities. Or head for the alpine pastures, speeding down mountain bike trails, stopping to take a deep breath of the pristine air, and take in the stunning views.

In winter, you can wake in the morning and gaze from your bed with sleepy eyes at the romantic snowy landscape. After a hearty breakfast you’ll start the day full of energy and perhaps head straight down to the lake, which in the winter will have become the largest natural frozen surface in Europe. You can get to know the cross-country skiing trails around the lake and through the forests, explore our small but beautiful skiing area, discover almost mystical natural sights while on our cleared winter hiking trails, and maybe pause in the alpine pasture with the cold air colouring your cheeks and a warm cup of “Jagatee” in your hands.

 We look forward to welcoming you.





Our house

The house was built in the year 1618
the firsts guest came at the turn of the century
after that the farm slowly turned to the “Hotel Gasthof Weissensee”

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Our rooms

From our rooms you do have an amazing outlook over the whole nature our region Weissensee! On the day of arrival your room will be ready at 2PM.

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